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Five Common Misconceptions About Pet Adoption


Lots of people still do not consider adopting a pet from a shelter due to misconception and prejudice against shelter animals. We are here to break this misinformation and share the reality about the shelter animals!

1) Shelter Animals Are Always Old!

That is absolutely wrong! The shelters rescue puppies, kittens, cats, and adult dogs, as well as elderly animals. Actually, they rescue any old animal! The shelters are usually full of abandoned kittens and puppies during the warmer months. Also, people do not abandon their animals just for the reason that they are old.

Several people adopt a puppy in the summer as well as in the winter, abandon them as they want to go on vacation or because the animal grows too much, is so expensive or just annoys them. You can find all types of ages in shelters, and it is significant to keep in mind that the adoption of an adult dog can have benefits that the adoption of a kitten or puppy will not have.

2) Shelter Animals Are Not in Good Health

The chief mission of the shelters is to rescue the animals to offer them for adoption in good health. Most shelters have veterinarians in place that work with animals to offer appropriate medical treatment when necessary. Also, the shelters ensure that the animals are neutered and vaccinated before being adopted, and will just deliver an animal that is in good health. They will make sure that the new parent can take good care of their animal.

3) Shelter Animals Always Have Behavioral Problems

Several shelter pets have had to be fired for personal reasons, which may include divorce, unemployment, moving, inability to give adequate care and financial problems. Unfortunately, yes, sometimes it is due to human cowardice. On the other hand, the behavior of the animal will not be the result of being delivered to a shelter but will be influenced by its breeding. And several will have come from loving homes that, unfortunately, are no longer able to support their pet.

Those few animals with serious behavioral issues will be handled properly and trained when needed, and will not be delivered for adoption until the shelter considers them prepared. In addition, this applies to the owner who wishes to adopt the animal.

4) Pets Are All “Mongrels”

Again, this is absolutely wrong! The truth is that most of the dogs adopted are crossed breeds. Though purebreds have increased in popularity over the years, it is not because a pet is purebred, they will not be abandoned! The shelters rescue a combination of animals of mixed and pure breed.

5) Shelters Animals Are Always Free

Technically this is wrong. This may have been the case in some shelters years ago, but currently, with the number of animals taken on by the rescue shelters, the cost of caring for the animals has increased considerably. The reality is that you probably have to pay to adopt a pet, even though this will not be as expensive as buying from a breeder.


Adopting from a shelter is providing an animal a second chance in life and a lifelong friend. However, ensure that you have thought of everything through before taking on this important commitment.

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