Posted on Consider getting your taxes done at TurboTax to get a higher tax refund and get a dog.

Consider getting your taxes done at TurboTax to get a higher tax refund and get a dog.

TurboTax is there to answer your questions all year long. You don’t need to pay anything it’s free. Take advantage of TurboTax’s live help and only pay when you file. All you need is to create a TurboTax Online account.

First tell TurboTax about yourself, like do you own a business, have children, or are self-employed? Then TurboTax will recommend the appropriate service.

Guaranteed accuracy. When you file your taxes at  TurboTax you can count on an easy filling process, and  a 100% accurate calculations.

No entering information manually. With just taking a picture of your W-2 the information is automatically entered into the form.

TurboTax helps you get the most from your tax return. You can look for more than 350 tax deductions and credits that you might be eligible for.

Enjoy quick tracking of expenses with QuickBooks Self-Employed. You can get your free subscription to QuickBooks if you file during a specified time.

Go deeper and uncover more. If you want the best go Premier and find many more deductions you might qualify for.

TurboTax’s promise. Get more money back and get a complete check of your tax return with 100% accurate calculations.

You can count on TurboTax’s Complete Check on provide a detailed explanation of your tax review before it is sent. When you get the green light it’s ready and mistake-free.

No need to pay anything instead use your federal refund. Simply subtract TurboTax’s fee  from federal tax return and deposit the rest to your bank account.

Trust your privacy and security at TurboTax.  TurboTax’s main priority is to keep your information  safeguarded. When you create a TurboTax account there are additional features: multi-factor authentication and Touch ID. TurboTax security specialists work arduously to keep you protected and safe. Your information is secured and safeguarded by encryption  in TurboTax’s systems. And when it’s sent to the IRS it is done so using SSL encryption.

Full control of your online security. TurboTax will send notifications for recent changes made on your account. You can go online to check login and device history.

It’s also your responsibility to protect your online information. The best thing you can do is not share your information with anyone else, create  challenging passwords, and update your information as needed.

Don’t go to a CPA and consider joining the millions that have trusted TurboTax’s services. Get ready to save on your taxes next year and get more deductions and credits than before. A painless tax filing process and in less than 2 hours and your taxes are done.

Visit your nearest pet breeder  and find a special new friend. Maybe a Doberman Pinscher or a Siberian Husky? Decision..go for your most loyal friend and get a Doberman Pinscher. Now you can use that extra money you saved at TurboTax and treat your Doberman Pinscher.

File your taxes smart with TurboTax and  enjoy  the company of your new dog.


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